Eine Französin in Berlin – zum ersten Mal, pour la première fois. Auf der Suche nach einem Lebensgefühl, nach dem, was Berlin ausmacht. Wirklich ausmacht. Alles ist neu, aufregend. Eine fremde Sprache, Gerüche, Menschen, so viele Farben.

Lili nimmt uns mit, durch kleine Gassen, in Galerien und versteckte Cafés. Ihre Bilder zeigen uns Berlin völlig unbefangen – pur, existenziell, frei. Die Großstadt mit ihrer Hektik, ihrem Lärm und ihrem Schmutz steht für einen Augenblick still, wenn wir den Geschichten lauschen, die alte Häuser-Fasaden erzählen, die Wärme der Kerze auf dem Tisch im Restaurant spüren und die scharfen Schattenumrisse des Mahnmals am Brandenburger Tor betrachten. Magische Momente, in denen alles stimmt.
lili bonnet
geboren in Paris, rastlos in der Welt. Sie genießt das Leben und ist dankbar, für alles, was es zu bieten hat – seit ihrem Berlin-Besuch gehört auch Currywurst dazu.
Ich bin eine Reisende. I'm a traveller.
For leisure, for business, or a sweet mix of both, I very much enjoy getting away
from the most beautiful city in the world: Paris.

I was sent to Berlin on a work mission for a trend project curated by Alexandra Senes (www.alexandrasenes.com); my assignment was to make photos and videos and buy stuff. From this 5-day trip, I came back with 35GB of visual and sound material and a 22kg suitcase. I was sent to Berlin on a life mission – and the mission of a lifetime – in order to get closer to my inner self. From this 5-day trip, I came back with enlightening encounters and fulfilling experiences.

Ich bin eine Wanderin. I'm a walker.
I love my feet so I bring them along everywhere I go.
Despite a heavy handbag (packed with the essentials: phone for photos, digital camera for videos, sound recorder, notebook, favorite 4-colour pen, a few POSCA pens in case of emergency, guidebook with local map, business cards, glasses and sunscreen); despite the cheap U- and S-Bahn tickets (I only got on once in order to record sound and to keep the ticket); despite the bicycles begging me to ride them
(because they know I love to and because they are the official means of transport in Berlin); I've walked around Berlin, like I do in every city, because it is initiatory, it makes me feel free and I'm sure I won't miss out on anything. Getting lost always leads to the most exquisite discoveries.
Ich bin eine Abenteurerin. I'm an adventurer.
I believe in empiricism so I'm always up for new experiments – as long as my instinct tells me to go for it.
Therefore, when Hiroshi (hiroshimcdonaldmori.com) invited me to "go to a labyrinth together", I accepted straight away with feartinged excitement. And there we were on a Saturday night, driving South-East from Mitte, along the Spree and down to a dark ("odorodoro" as Hiroshi would say in Japanese) place on Markgrafen-damm 1. We were welcomed by an intriguing man all dressed in white, who apologized for charging the entrance and handed each of us a leaflet about this 'PERISTAL SINGUM' –"that's for you"–, a number written on a piece of paper –"that's for us"– and a coin –"that's for the maze"– before saying: "have a drink, relax, and I'll come back in a moment to take you to the maze". OK.
The work that has been done in there is incredible. The maze was entirely built from scratch in 9 months by 3 men: Tim, Georg and Andrija.
I believe that everything happens for a reason, and the reason why I went to Berlin was to meet Tim - the intriguing man. Born in Berlin, Tim is a free-spirited craftsman/artist/entertainer who follows his heart and expresses himself through nature, music, dancing, painting, writing, theatre… In one word: Tim is a maker. And he makes wonders.
The only thing I will tell you about the maze is that it's a beautiful gift
for people who are willing to face their fears and dig into themselves.
So please go, experience it, take your time, take it all in.

Observe yourself as you wander through it. Stop, look, listen, touch, smell. Focus on every single manifestation from your body. Face your deepest fears. Face your darkest side. Identify, accept and honor your emotions. And invite people to go but do not tell them anything about it; surprise is a huge part of the process so please let them see for themselves and you can share your feelings afterwards. One person's fears will wake up another person's courage. Someone's freedom will inspire others to break their own boundaries.
Ich bin eine Kopfgeldjägerin. I'm a bounty hunter.
I'm not after money. My reward is the energies I get from people, places and things.
Berlin is pretty dark and yet it has released all the pressure off me, for it has such a laid-back energy. Everything seems achievable in this self-reconstructing city. I guess this is what French politician Jack Lang was referring to when he said in 2001: "Paris will always be Paris and Berlin is never Berlin!"
Another quote about Berlin is the famous slogan found by its Mayor, Klaus Wowereit, in 2003: "Berlin ist arm, aber sexy" (Berlin is poor,
but sexy) and updated in 2009: "We are trying to become richer,
but stay sexy, and it's a great challenge!" Berlin surely is sexy.
And that's because BERLIN IS:
Polychromatic, eclectic, in the backyard, making a statement, just beautiful, open to reflection, remembering.